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International Folk, Ethnic and Country Music Festival

Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic

INTERPORTA, until 2017 the PORTA International Festival in Ústí nad Labem, is mainly international competition of music groups and individuals in folk, country and contemporary so-called tramp songs. It follows the fifty-year tradition of the famous PORTA festival founded in 1967 in Ústí nad Labem.

During the last years, it has presented many foreign bands and performers such as: The Tinkers (IRL/D), Rosena Horan & Jean-Pascal Assailly (IRL/F), Across The Border (D), Tower Struck Down (GB), Rites of Man (GB), Dean Manning Band (GB), James Branam (USA), Grammy winner and daughter of Johnny Cash - Rosanne Cash (USA), George Hege Hamilton IV and his son, George Hamilton V (USA), Waldemar Matuška (CZ/USA), G-Runs (NL), Whiskey River (PL), Grupa Furmana (PL), Cafe Edit (SK), Czas na Grass (PL), Tim Eriksen (USA), Redlin (PL), Divozel (SK) etc...

By changing the name - the new one will be easier and more understandable for foreign participants and at the same time will eliminate the confusion with the Czech PORTA in Řevnice - we also want to change the overall character of the international competition and accompanying concerts. Among other things, we are changing the competition rules, giving more space to competing bands (these will be at least from five European countries) and somewhat expanding the genre focus of the competition.

In the accompanying programs we want to stop just remembering the "glory days of PORTA", we intend to introduce new young bands and interesting genres.

The only organizer of this international competition is the newly established registered society INTERPORTA. Its members are both longtime organizers of the PORTA International Festival, as well as new entrants from the ranks of the Ústí nad Labem musicians.

Josef Vejlupek - Chairman of the Committee
Višňová 2834/1
400 11 Ústí nad Labem
Czech Republic
E-mail: interporta@seznam.cz
ID: 06572277






INTERPORTA, do roku 2017 Mezinárodní festival PORTA v Ústí nad Labem, je především mezinárodní soutěží hudebních skupin i jednotlivců v oblasti folk, country i současných trampských písní. Navazuje na padesátiletou tradici proslulého festivalu PORTA, který vznikl v roce 1967 právě v Ústí nad Labem.
Jediným pořadatelem této mezinárodní soutěže je nově založený zapsaný spolek INTERPORTA. Jeho členy jsou jak dlouholetí pořadatelé Mezinárodního festivalu PORTA, tak noví příchozí z řad ústeckých muzikantů.




Višňová 2834/ 1, Severní Terasa
400 11 Ústí nad Labem

IČO : 06575277
e-mail: interporta@seznam.cz

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